Dr Wang Jun promoted to one of the Senior Members of the Chinese Chemical Society

Dr. Wang Jun (Joelle), Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, has been promoted to Senior Members of the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) in October.

The Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) is an academic organization formed by Chinese chemists of their own accord with the purpose of uniting Chinese chemists at home and abroad to promote the development of chemistry in China. The CCS was founded during a meeting of preeminent chemists in Nanjing on August 4, 1932. It currently has more than 75,000 individual members,160 organizational members,31 commissions and 10 committees, including the Woman’s Chemists Committee and Young Chemists Committee.

To better serve the members and non-member chemists, CCS established the "Academic Recognition System" in 2019. New membership types were developed in this new system, including "Senior Members". The membership is awarded to candidates based on an academic evaluation mechanism, thus allowing CCS to recognize our most established and dedicated members.

“Becoming a Senior Member is not only a recognition of the excellence you have achieved in your academic pursuits and contributions to CCS, but also an acknowledgement of the outstanding responsibility and obligation you have shown towards the promotion and development of chemistry. Please accept our sincere congratulations! In this platform, we hope you will exchange ideas with other honored members of CCS so that we can together draw a beautiful blueprint for the future of chemistry.”


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