An Interdisciplinary Programme Jointly Offered by TWO Faculties and THREE Departments to Nurture the Next-generation IT & Business Leaders

With the advancement in information technology and data availability, strategic analyses of data have transformed business models, and inspired new industries. Understanding the importance of data analytics and the investment in human resources on data scientists, data developers, and data engineers is crucial to a company in order to stay competitive among each other.

The emergence of FinTech is an example of new applications, processes, products, and business models on financial transactions. It involves the application of data analytics methodologies, and provides integrated services via the Internet. It has transformed the banking and investment industries by introducing new currencies, affecting how we pay, how we trade, how we manage our investments, and how we borrow and lend. And in short, the world is working towards a “smart economy”.

In order to meet the future needs of the "smart economy", it is necessary to develop new programmes on data science with big data analytics and meet future demand in a data driven economy. The proposed BSc (Hons) in Business Computing and Data Analytics * (BCDA) programme fits exactly this niche by integrating in the Computer Science skills and knowledge of the business applications of such skills in artificial intelligence for business and business data analytics. It provides students the necessary training in advanced programming and data-analytics, as well as broadens their awareness in business applications that involves Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis.

“Our goal is to nurture the next-generation of business leaders for the international job-market, and equip our graduates with the latest technical know-how to succeed in fast-changing technologies for IT & business. We expect that our graduates will be attractive to many employers and will start their careers as data scientists, database administrators, financial analysts, market researchers, and other IT-related professionals or enter financial services jobs as well as starting their own businesses.” shared Professor Joseph Ng, Programme Director of BSc (Hons) in BCDA.

“Since this is an interdisciplinary programme jointly offered by Department of Computer Science, Department of Economics, and Department of Finance & Decision Sciences, students in this programme will have more resources on supervision, advisory and teaching support from the dedicated teaching staff. Furthermore, students will have more access to facilities such as Labs and computing resources compared to other similar programmes offered by a single department / faculty.”

Another highlight is our strong linkages with the industry to provide extensive industry-related experience to our students. These include mandatory summer internship, one-year replacement scheme, industry mentors programme, and industrial support from local and global companies as well as our overseas partners. These should be eye openers to our students and will better prepare them for their careers.

While we have linked up with UC Berkeley (a centre for startup & entrepreneurship) to engage in an overseas internship, we also have the following companies showing positive support to our students by providing Summer Internships of up to 3 months or an one-year placement:

  1. Octopus Cards Limited
  2. The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
  3. China CITIC Bank International Limited
  4. Hospital Authority Hong Kong
  5. Mass Transit Railway Corporation
  6. Hong Kong Broadband Network
  7. CASH Algo Finance Group
  8. Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited
  9. PCCW Solution

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*Subject to the University's Approval

Promoting the new interdisciplinary programme, BSc (Hons) in BCDA, at the Science Faculty Booth on the HKBU Information Day 2018

Programme briefing session at the HKBU Information Day 2018

Curriculum Structure of BSc in BCDA

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