Celebrating the Joy of Graduation

15 November 2018 was a day filled with happiness and joy as the HKBU 59th Commencement was held at the Academic Community Hall with over 300 science undergraduates and 480 science postgraduates having conferred their degrees marking a new chapter of their lives.

In addition, the University conferred honorary doctoral degrees on five distinguished persons in an all-University celebration on 19 November 2018, at which a world leader in structural biology and the President of the Westlake University, Professor Shi Yigong, was presented with the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa.

Addressing graduates, Professor Zhang Jianhua, Dean of Science reminded the unique quality of every graduate and encouraged them to go through a journey of self-discovery, and believes everyone is a talent. “Make the most of every available opportunity to unearth your talents. As HKBU graduates, you have what it takes to thrive in the future. You’ve got talent – please dare to dream and dare to try.”

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“We now end a chapter called ‘undergraduate’ and will start a new life. Life is random, messy, unpredictable, and challenging. We cannot do hypothesis testing, and there’s never a test statistic or closed form solution designed for the future. But the future is certainly worth a ‘try’ and there will be many firsts. So peers, step out of your comfort zone, and it is time to achieve our dreams and think how we can contribute to the society using knowledge and skills we have already gained.”

Miss Wangwu Jiaxuan
BSc (Hons) in Statistics and Operations Research, Undergraduate Class Valedictorian of 2018

“I believe our lovely memories at the Baptist University would give us a strong support. The memories of fighting the assignment deadlines and rigorous examinations will remind us what seems impossible is possible, our friendships and experience of collaborating with people from different backgrounds will remind us how to embrace differences and work unitedly as a team to achieve greatness, and the life lessons we learnt from our mentors and inspiring professors will remind us not to fear failure and stay persistent to achieve our success.”

Mr Tang Shiu Yuen
MSc in Advanced Information Systems, Postgraduate Class Valedictorian of 2018

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